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NS Clean© provides both cleaning performance and environmental compatibility.

The material in NS Clean© does not destroy the ozone layer, nor does it contain chlorine or aromatic ingredients. It thus has a minimal effect on both the environment and the human body.

Features of NS Clean©

  1. Superior cleaning power regarding metal-process oil.
  2. Superior drying ability.
  3. Highly recyclable through recycling by distillation.
  4. Distillation recycling does not affect product quality, so liquid management is easy.
  5. The odor is extremely slight, making NS Clean© easy to work with.
  6. Highly stable chemically and thermally.
  7. Does not corrode metals.
  8. Has little effect on plastics.
  9. Though NS Clean© is flammable, it has a comparatively high flash point, making it highly stable.
  10. Highly biodegradable.
  11. Contains no chlorine or aromatic ingredients.
  12. Does not correspond to toxic air pollutants regulated by the Air Pollution Control Law.
  13. Does not correspond to a material regulated by the Work Safety and Hygiene Law (regulations for preventing organic solvent poisoning).
  14. Does not correspond to a material stipulated in the PRTR Law.

NS Clean©'s biggest feature is, it is a“single substance.”

Ordinary hydrocarbon cleaners are made from numerous ingredients that have different carbon numbers and structures. They are thus mixtures of materials that each has a different boiling point. As a result, their boiling point range is wide.
“NS Clean©,”composed of a single substance of paraffin-based hydrocarbon, has a very narrow boiling point range.

Advantages of single substance composition

  • There are no highly flammable light ingredients. Thus, compared to mixtures with an equivalent average boiling point, the flash point is high, as is safety.
  • There are no slow-drying heavy ingredients. Thus, compared to mixtures with an equivalent flash point, drying ability is excellent.
  • It is easy to obtain a large difference in boiling point with the dirt material. As a result, the cleaning liquid can be repeatedly recycled by distillation. Moreover, the liquid thus recycled is highly pure, and the high recovery rate - there is little loss - means excellent economy.
  • There is no difference in composition between new cleaning liquid and distillation-recycled cleaning liquid, so liquid management is easy.

Examples of gas chromatography analysis

Cleaning ability

Generally, the lower a cleaner’s surface tension, the better will be its ability to bathe the object being cleaned. It's also said that, the closer their SP values, the greater will be the mutual solubility of the cleaner and the dirt material. In addition, the lower its viscosity, the faster the dirt will disperse into the cleaner, and the better the cleaner will be able to provide effective cleaning in a short time.

Cleaning ability comparison between NS Clean© and other cleaners

Comparative examples of cleaning power

List of results of cleaning ability evaluation

Drying ability

NS Clean© has a narrow boiling point range and does not contain any slow-drying heavy ingredients, giving it an excellent drying ability.

Drying ability comparison between NS Clean© and other cleaners

Comparative examples of drying ability


NS Clean©'s boiling point is far different than that of ordinary process oil (dirt material), giving it a high separation efficiency. Therefore, even when NS Clean© is repeatedly recycled by distillation, little of it is lost and stable product quality can always be maintained.

Boiling point ranges of hydrocarbon cleaners and typical process oils

Recovery tests using distillation recycling equipment

Amount of distillation recycling loss

Effects on materials

As the data below shows, the cleaners in the NS Clean Series have almost no effect on many kinds of materials. However, they may affect rubber and certain plastics, about which it is necessary to exercise mindful.

Effects on plastics

Effects on rubber


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